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Muni Fed Energy brings green solutions to federal, municipal and commercial clients. We utilize industry best practices in providing services to everyone we serve. As a comprehensive partner, we work with our clients from project discovery all the way through to finance and development. We have strength in our strategic partners. With them we can deliver the most effective, cutting edge technologies to address the energy and environmental needs of our clients.

 Technology Focus of the Month

WonderPaint has perfected a proprietary nano-particle cross-linking
chemistry unique to any other paint or coatings company in the marketplace.
Over 36 years of experience have produced a chemically superior product
line via intermediate density cross-linking enabling our products to
exhibit flexible, elastomeric properties with incredible strength that
respond to changes in the physical property of the substrate without
cracking, peeling or chipping. The entire product line has been engineered
to be green and safe for the environment with some of the lowest volatile
organic compound levels of any coatings company in the industry. For more
information, visit


Coat It and Cool It Coat It and Cool It
WonderRoof™ is a proprietary, high-quality acrylic urethane coating for
roof decks. Fully resistant to acid rain, cooking fats, jet exhaust and
other environmental contaminants, WonderRoof™ is ideal for industrial
buildings, warehouses and other large-scale flat commercial rooftops. With
high-quality fillers like silica and titanium dioxide, WonderRoof™ offers
super chemical resistance and UV light reflectivity, reducing solar heat
absorption by up to 96%—offering huge savings in energy usage and cooling
costs, year after year. This same technology is flexible and durable,
well-outlasting all other roof coatings.


Our special formulated urethane material prevents the movement and erosion
that causes other roof coatings to fail. This formulation also provides the
highest UV reflectancy to protect the roof while also lowering energy
costs. In addition, our double-patented primer system prevents mold and
mildew, further extending your roofs life.

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