Muni Fed Energy

As global demand for energy continues to rise – especially in rapidly industrialising and developing economies - energy security concerns become ever more important. To provide solid economic growth and to maintain levels of economic performance, energy must be readily available, affordable and able to provide a reliable source of power without vulnerability to long- or short-term disruptions. Interruption of energy supplies can cause major financial losses and create havoc in economic centres, as well as potential damage to the health and wellbeing of the population.

Providing a secure supply of energy comprises two areas:
Long-term security or resource availability; and
Short-term security – associated with supply disruptions of the primary fuel or of the electricity generated.

The forecast growth in energy demand means that we will need many sources of energy now and into the future. A diverse mix of energy sources, each with different advantages, provides security to an energy system by allowing flexibility in meeting each country’s needs.

Muni-Fed Energy works with Utilities and Municipalities together in managing energy security concerns.


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