Microgrid Development

Key Elements of the Microgrid
  • Smart Buildings-Grid Aware Buildings, capable of modulating consumption against economic sustainability, and comfort goals

  • Renewable Generation and Storage -On-Site Renewable Generation such as Solar, Geothermal, and Wind -Integration of storage to manage renewable and load variability - Storage is also a tool to provide support services to the grid

  • Electric Vehicles -Represent mobile storage units, which can augment on site storage capabilities

  • Communications Infrastructure & Information Management -Reliable and Secure Communication Link between Demand Side Resources and Electric Utility enable real time information exchange- Real Time Information Exchange & Management is the foundation microgrid operation

  • Command and Control Infrastructure -Provides mechanism for actionable microgrid processes such as resource performance settings and microgrid network configuration

  • Power Flow Management -Ensures stability and reliability of a microgrid network - Provides mechanism for operating within acceptable voltage and current limits

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