Senior Advisers

Jim Kelly

Jim Kelly is a Senior Advisor to Streetlight Solutions, in addition to helping the company with various consulting opportunities in the energy arena. Jim retired from Edison International (EIX) in 2011, after almost 38 years of service. EIX is the parent company of Southern California Edison (SCE). Prior to his retirement, Jim was the senior vice president of Transmission & Distribution for SCE, responsible for the operation and maintenance of an electrical grid comprised of over 12,000 miles of transmission and 100,000 miles of distribution lines spread across a 50,000-square-mile service area. Jim led an organization of 8,400 employees in the utility’s T&D business unit, which also maintains and operates over 900 substations. Jim was also president of Edison ESI, a subsidiary company that operates one of the largest electrical and mechanical repair facilities in the U.S.

Since his retirement, Jim has advised or directed a number of firms in the energy space. He is the CEO and a member of the board of ARES, a firm pioneering the use of electric locomotive technology for large-scale energy storage. Jim is the co-founder of and partner in Coachella Partners, a venture that provides specialized advisory services to Native American tribes on matters related to energy. Jim is a strategic partner in Sandidge Consulting, advising local cities and agencies on energy issues. He is also a senior advisor and consultant for selected governmental and private clients, including the Port of Long Beach and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Jim earned a bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach (at age 19), and a master’s degree from California Polytechnic State University.

Rick Greenwood, Ph.D.

Rick serves as Director at Muni-Fed Energy, focusing on business development for emerging technologies represented by the company. Rick was formerly with Southern California Edison as the executive in charge of Corporate Environment, Health and Safety. Prior to that he was the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research – Administration, at UCLA where he managed the almost one billion dollar annual research portfolio for the institution. Prior to that position he was the Director of the UCLA Office of Environment, Health and Safety for 12 years. He has also been on the Epidemiology faculty in the School of Public Health since 1980 where he holds the title of Adjunct Professor. Rick has consulted for numerous biotechnology companies in a variety of disciplines ranging from infectious diseases to health and safety and served as a Science Advisor for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He has also been a member of advisory groups such as the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases study group on sexually transmitted diseases and the U.C. Irvine Cancer Control and Prevention Board.

Rick has also been involved with a number of successful business ventures. In the mid-1980s he established a diagnostic laboratory in Irvine, California, developed the business, and then sold it to Nichols Institute (an AMEX traded national laboratory). One of the divisions of the laboratory also produced diagnostic reagents and this portion of the business was sold to Clinical Standards Laboratories. In the early 1990s he and a partner established a manufacturing business for quality control microorganisms – Quality Technologies. Four years ago the business was sold to the Pelican Group (a venture capital firm).


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