Streetlight Solutions

Muni Fed Energy

Muni-Fed Streetlight Solutions (MFSS) provides a comprehensive program that enables cities to acquire their LS-1 streetlights from SCE (including poles, masts and lamps but excluding streetlights on distribution poles.) This comprehensive Streetlight Solutions program gives a City ownership and control of its streetlight infrastructure in a manner that reduces energy and O&M costs, improves operating efficiency, enables the use of new emerging "smart" technologies and creates new revenue opportunities.

Muni-Fed Energy is currently working with municipalities in Southern California Edison’s service territory to acquire their streetlighting systems. Our Streetlight Solutions Program provides an integrated, easy-to-use solution for cities. This turn-key, comprehensive program gives municipalities control over, and ownership of, their streetlight infrastructure.

Muni-Fed Streetlight Solutions is a venture between Muni-Fed Energy and Jim Kelly, recently retired Sr. Vice President of Transmission and Distribution for SCE. There is no team better prepared to help cities acquire and maintain their streetlights.

The Streetlight Solutions program improves operating efficiency, saves money and allows for the deployment of new energy and operationally efficient technologies.

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