Technology Evaluation

Muni Fed Energy

Muni-Fed Energy will provideyou expert guidance, technical due diligence, and consultation to speed up the commercialization of your clean energy technology.

Research and Development

Strategic relationships are essential when launching clean energy innovations. Muni-Feds strategic network of industry leaders connect you with the right people, at the right time, so you can focus on commercialization of a product that performs at market expectations.

  • Guidance from clean energy industry experts

  • Collecting performance and efficiency data for product differentiation

  • Access to key markets and decision makers


We understand the regulatory landscape and simplify your path to compliance by connecting you with technical experts. We can help navigate certification requirements or develop solutions for cutting-edge technologies.

  • Design reviews to identify technical issues and improve marketability

  • Understanding compliance with applicable regulations and standards

  • Customized solutions for testing and measuring new applications of technology

Funding Support

It is essential to prove credibility when raising funds to support a product launch, and Muni-Fed Energy bridges the gap between you and funding agencies with services tailored to your needs.

  • Resources for grant writing and funding requests

  • Liaison with government agencies for new funding opportunities

  • Connection with technology incubators

Muni-Fed Energy provides clean energy companies with expert guidance, specifically for the following products:

Emissions Reduction for Ports and Municipalities


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