Thermal Energy Storage

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Thermal Energy Storage

Ice Energy is a leading manufacturer of thermal energy storage. See Muni-Fed Energy was the lead developer in assisting Ice Energy's thermal Energy Storage technology in its successful contract with Southern California Edison for a deal announced with SCE in November 2014, Ice Energy will install 2,000 of its Ice Bear units throughout Orange County, California. Erected adjacent to air conditioners, they use cheap electricity at night to turn tap water into a 450-pound ice block. During the day, refrigerant liquid is funneled from air conditioners through the Ice Bear, which cools it off and sends it back to the AC unit. The process saves an amount of electricity equivalent to taking a 5-ton commercial air conditioner offline for six hours. In all, the Ice Bears will provide SCE with the equivalent of 26 megawatts of storage capacity—enough to power several thousand homes for a few hours.

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