Company Vision

Environmental stewardship has been part of our DNA since day one. It is our policy to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable manner while providing clean, economical energy to our clients. We also seek to decrease overall demand for energy through our energy efficiency work. Muni-Fed Energy is committed to siting, designing, constructing, and operating our project facilities in a way that minimizes environmental impacts and complies with state and federal regulations.

Reducing Our Impact Everyday

We know that being mindful of our day to day behavior can reduce our overall environmental impact. Doing the simple things helps us lighten our footprint:

  • setting computers to print double sided, and only printing documents that are truly essential
  • relying on digital storage solutions to minimize printing
  • business cards and marketing materials printed on paper with high post-consumer recycled content
  • powering down our computers at night
  • teleconferencing in lieu of in-person meetings
  • carpooling to work and meetings whenever possible
  • offsetting emissions from air and auto travel with carbon offsets
  • purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to match 100% of our annual office electricity use

Muni-Fed Energy has prepared a Greenhouse Gas Inventory to track our emissions from year to year. We follow the guidance set forth in the World Resources Institutes’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol Corporate Standard, the leading international reporting and accounting standard. We purchase carbon offsets (verified by the Climate Action Reserve) to offset our carbon footprint.

We engage in all of these practices knowing that there is still room for improvement. We can adjust our best practices to improve upon our sustainability policy. As Muni-Fed Energy grows we will remain committed to participating in efforts to improve our environment.