About Muni-Fed Energy Inc.

Muni-Fed Energy brings green solutions to federal, municipal and commercial clients. We utilize industry best practices  in providing services to everyone we serve. As a comprehensive partner, we work with our clients from project discovery all the way through to finance and development. We have strength in our strategic partners. With them we can deliver the most effective, cutting edge technologies to address the energy and environmental needs of our clients.  Our large partner network contains many years of combined experience in the field of energy.

Muni-Fed Energy’s broad experience with public and private sector clients includes project facilitation; RFQ development and bid evaluation; contract negotiation and project oversight; third party financing such as energy savings performance contracting; distributed generation; renewable energy; energy efficiency; integrative whole-systems design; measurement and verification; commissioning; energy auditing; data analysis and program evaluation.

Clean energy is our passion
We believe that the future of global sustainability will be realized through the disruption of established norms, the evolution of business models, adaptation to change and the application of innovative new and emerging technologies.